4 genius storage tips to maximise your home’s space

If there is one thing we have learned from the Japanese lifestyle is that there is no such thing as too little space. Lucky enough for people not blessed with many massive closets and strategic built-in cabinets, there are literally countless creative ways to efficiently store your essentials. Here at Maark Furniture, however, we have come up with four basic yet genius tips for you to maximise your home’s space. Have a life where you live in an organised, clean, and safe place. 

Organising your home provides more alternatives. Aside from having a space that is neater and more ordered, it will appear larger and more attractive. In fact, did you know that having a clean and well-structured place can help you feel less stressed and tired? Not only are you protected from illnesses, but you also become happier and more productive. As such, here are our team’s four effective tips. 

  1. Start now

Managing a small place can truly be a difficult endeavour. Be that as it may, finishing it according to your plans and storage preferences results in such fulfilment. That is why you must begin right now — or as soon as you are capable and convenient. Starting ‘now’ provides you with the utmost power and control over your belongings.

If you want some classic adage to inspire you, here is what U.S. Founding Father Ben Franklin said about lost time, ‘You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never retrieved again’.

  1. Declutter

Starting ‘now’ means to declutter, which is the act of removing unnecessary items in your place. Japan is known for its innovative minimalist storage techniques and ideas. As a result, this next tip draws inspiration from Marie Kondo (a.k.a Konmari) — an organising consultant, author, and TV show host. 

According to Konmari’s best-selling books, you should first express your gratitude for your belongings before tossing them. In other words, getting rid of things you no longer need means you are reminding yourself that your space can’t and won’t be able to accommodate everything.

  1. Arrange by function (i.e. priority)

One effective way to organise and optimize your essentials are based on their intended use. That’s correct! You will have to treat them in a political and hierarchical approach. This will increase traffic flow, thus putting a strain on focal zones.

  1. Try dual-purpose furniture

Today, most people are all about getting good value for their money, and by that, we mean services and products that are two for the price of one. Like in the retail furniture industry, companies like Maark Furniture have heeded the public’s requests by developing dual-purpose furniture. 

Keep in mind that your little room requires extra space, notably a walking path. These types of multi-functional household items are certainly the best choice. Take the ottoman couch as an example. It converts to a coffee table or a bookcase with partitions.

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