Maark Furniture: Top things your bathroom needs

Make your bathroom look the best it can be when you add in the right accents. Find out the top things for it by reading Maark Furniture. The top accents for your bathroom interior design that you need to know are the following:

1. A charming decorative shower curtain will liven up your bath and add a little color and texture.

2. Add a small cute frog or two to your shower and bathtub to brighten up the area.

3. If you have a pedestal sink, put a pretty ceramic pottery plant or two under the faucet to perk up the overall look of your bathroom.

4. To make your sink area more pleasant and appealing, put in a wooden box or basket where you keep small items such as facial tissues, q-tips, etc.

5. For a more intimate feeling, install a “his-and-hers” mirror above the toilet.

6. Consider putting in a silk flower arrangement in a clear glass vase.

7. Hang a few pottery figurines on the walls for a softness and a coziness.

8. Add a decorative towel bar made out of wood, ceramic or wrought iron.

9. If you have space, put in a large floor safe to hold all your toiletries and other items.

10. If you have the room, add a walk-in shower or a Jacuzzi tub. Now it’s your turn: Write an article based on this content brief:

Mirrors – use them for a variety of purposes; shaving, dressing, writing notes or just looking at yourself and loving what you see. Tinted glass – this is an affordable alternative to painting if you don’t want to take the time to do it professionally. Shower doors – they make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Flooring – ceramic, stone or tile is great but, it will look even better with a luxurious bath mat or rug.

What did I tell you? It was as easy as 1-2-3! Now, for something much more difficult…

4 – Create A Vision Of How Your Customer Will Feel And Act When He Falls In Love With Your Product!

In my next few posts, I’m going to reveal exactly how to go about doing this step. But, for now, let’s pretend you already know the answer to this step. What is the answer to this step? The answer is:

Know Thy Market!

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