Maark Furniture: Types of couches

Decorate your living room properly by getting the right couch for it with your style. Find out all about the types of couches you can get here at Maark Furniture. The first type of couch you need to know is the L-shaped (reclining) couch.

It is a very popular style among people with growing families because it allows the parents to relax comfortably while the kids can play on the floor without having to strain themselves. The other two popular styles are the chaise longue (or “swayback”) couch and the “football” couch. These last two are more suitable for singles or couples who like to snuggle up close together while watching TV. The final choice you have to make when getting your furniture is whether or not you want the ottoman (cubby) that goes with the chair. Most people don’t even think about this, but the size of the ottoman you get completely determines how much room you will have to place your feet when sitting in the chair. If you are like most people, you will probably end up getting the “little” ottoman which is only about 4-inches high. However, if you are like me, you will probably go for the “big” one which has a step stool attached to the bottom so you can get up close to the coffee table to examine something or get down closer to the floor to play with your dog or cat.

Second is the futon. It is very popular in Japan and other Asian countries, but these days, it is starting to catch on in America also. It’s extremely easy to put together, and most people who buy one, end up loving it. There is only one small disadvantage – it does not allow you to sit up straight like a normal couch would. But, if you have back problems or something similar, then this may be the perfect choice for you.

Another type of couch you can get are the sectional sofas. These are very common, and come in different sizes. One of the best things about these sofas is you can buy them in lots of pieces, and then put them together yourself. This makes it easy to customize the size to your liking. Most people who buy these sofas, love them. However, there are always a few negative comments you will hear from some of the folks who have bought them. Mostly, the complaints are about the quality of the construction. But, don’t let that worry you too much. After all, just because something is constructed well, does not mean it will last long. Take a look at some of the older homes you pass on the way to work every day.